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Concrete Tile Manufacturers Association (CTMA)
supports the Roofing Industry Alliance, whose main aim is to
increase the quality and reliability of roof construction.
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Concrete Roof Tile care Care, Maintenance & Repair of Concrete Roof and Cladding Tiles

Eaves ConstructionConstruction Notes - Number 1: EAVES

Verge Construction Construction Notes - Number 2: VERGE (Part 1)

Verge ConstructionConstruction Notes - Number 3: VERGE (Part 2)

Roof Valley Construction 1Construction Notes - Number 4:VALLEY (Part 1)

Roof Valley Construction 2Construction Notes - Number 5: VALLEY(Part 2)

Roof Valley Construction 3Construction Notes - Number 6: VALLEY (Part 3)

Side AbutmentConstruction Notes - Number 7: SIDE ABUTMENT

Top Edge AbutmentConstruction Notes - Number 8: TOP EDGE ABUTMENT

Mortar Bedded RidgeConstruction Notes - Number 9: MORTAR BEDDED RIDGE

Dry Fix RidgeConstruction Notes - Number 10: DRY FIX RIDGE

Mortar bedded hipConstruction Notes - Number 11: MORTAR BEDDED HIP

Party wall junctionConstruction Notes - Number 12: PARTY WALL JUNCTION

Vent tiles & PipesConstruction Notes - Number 13: VENT TILES AND PIPES

Changes in rafter pitchConstruction Notes - Number 14: CHANGES in RAFTER PITCH

Chimney back gutterConstruction Notes - Number 15: CHIMNEY BACK GUTTER

Strong wind stressStrong Wind Causes Stress