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Slating & Tiling Tips

Slating & Tiling tips are compiled by Chris Thomas
for the Roofing Cladding & Insulation magazine
and are reproduced here with the kind permission of Unity Media Plc

Nail holes in slates & tiles Tip 41: Nail holes in slates & tiles

Interlocking roof tile clips 1Tip 51: Interlocking roof tile clips 1

Ridge construction: part 1 Tip 42:Ridge construction: part 1

Interlocking roof tile clips 2Tip 52: Interlocking roof tile clips 2

Ridge construction: part 2 Tip 43:Ridge construction: part 2

Lightning conductorsTip 53: Lightning conductors

Ridge construction: part 3Tip 44: Ridge construction: part 3

Timber battensTip 54: Timber battens

NibsTip 45: Nibs

Timber battens – repairsTip 55: Timber battens – repairs

Fire in domestic roofsTip 46: Fire in domestic roofs

Laying clay interlocking roof tilesTip 56: Laying clay interlocking roof tiles

Roof windows 1Tip 47: Roof windows 1

Ventilation slatesTip 57: Ventilation slates

Roof windows 2Tip 48: Roof windows 2

Open inclined valleys 1 – designTip 58: Open inclined valleys 1 – design

The use of mastic with a slate roofTip 49: The use of mastic with a slate roof

Open inclined valleys 2 – designTip 59: Open inclined valleys 2 – installation

Fixing instructionsTip 50: Fixing instructions

Eaves closureTip 60: Eaves closure