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Slating & Tiling Tips

Slating & Tiling tips are compiled by Chris Thomas
for the Roofing Cladding & Insulation magazine
and are reproduced here with the kind permission of Unity Media Plc

Copper tail rivet fixings 2 Tip 61: Copper tail rivet fixings 2

Repairing tiled roofsTip 71: Repairing tiled roofs

GRP valley troughs Tip 62:Slate pitches and head-laps

Repairing slated roofsTip 72: Repairing slated roofs

Interlocking concrete tiles – broken corners Tip 63:Interlocking concrete tiles – broken corners

WeightTip 73: Weight

Chimney & dormer units: part 1Tip 64: Chimney & dormer units: part 1

Top edge and side abutment flashings with brick and block walls Tip 74: Top edge and side abutment flashings with brick and block walls

Chimney & dormer units: part 2Tip 65: Chimney & dormer units: part 2

Slate nail hole position Tip 75: Slate nail hole position

Dry valleysTip 66: Dry valleys

Lead SlatesTip 76: Lead Slates

Gaps and holes: part 1Tip 67: Gaps and holes: part 1

Unequal rafter pitchesTip 77: Unequal rafter pitches

Gaps and holes: part 2Tip 68: Gaps and holes: part 2

Sizes of natural slateTip 78: Sizes of natural slate

Alternatives to lead sheet flashingsTip 69: Alternatives to lead sheet flashings

Planning part 1Tip 79: Planning part 1

Weather bars and interlocksTip 70: Weather bars and interlocks

Planning part 2Tip 80: Planning part 2