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Slating & Tiling Tips

Slating & Tiling tips are compiled by Chris Thomas
for the Roofing Cladding & Insulation magazine
and are reproduced here with the kind permission of Unity Media Plc

Diminishing spaces Tip 81: Diminishing spaces

Sprocket eaves detail –part one Tip 91: Sprocket eaves detail – part one

Fixing the top course of slates Tip 82: Fixing the top course of slates

Sprocket Eaves Details 2 Tip 92: Sprocket eaves detail – part two

Below minimum rafter pitchTip 83: Below minimum rafter pitch

Curved Valleys Tip 93: Curved valleys

Mortar bedded hipsTip 84: Mortar bedded hips

Soakers Tip 94: Soakers

Flashing side lapsTip 85: Flashing side laps

Dry fix hips Tip 95: Dry fix hips

Supervision of pitched roofing workTip 86: Supervision of pitched roofing work

Discharging water onto pitched roofs Tip 96: Discharging water on pitched roofs

Lichen and mossTip 87: Lichen and moss

Condensation forming in pitched roofs Tip 97: Condensation in pitched roofs

Tip 88: Saddles

Cables on pitched roofs Tip 98: Cables on pitched roofs
Brick corbelled eaves Tip 89: Brick corbelled eaves Flat to pitch roof junction – Eaves Tip 99: Flat to pitch roof junction –Eaves

Chattering tiles and slates Tip 90: Chattering tiles and slates

Snow on pitched roofs Tip 100: Snow on pitched roofs