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When a dispute reaches an impasse, each side tends to seek expert advice to support their point of view. Where the problem relates to a slated or tiled roof and the dispute is technical, rather than contractual, we can provide the technical support to ensure that you are not disadvantaged by incorrect information.

We are not arbitrators, but technical experts in pitched roof coverings.


There are occasions when a slated or tiled roof is either constructed incorrectly, is constructed with defective materials, constructed to a design that is unproven, or a combination of all three. The result is a roof that leaks, is noisy, or is falling apart. Often an Independent investigation is needed to determine the exact cause or causes.

We can undertake the investigations and make recommendations to rectify the problems found.


There are occasions when the roof has given good service and is beginning to look its age, and it is unclear if the roof is near the end of its life, or has many years of serviceable life left in it. Often there will be one or two elements, or materials that deteriorate quicker than the others, and with a few minor replacements the roof may be salvageable for many years to come. On the other hand there may be one fundamental component that needs urgent repairs that may make minor repairs uneconomical.

A full condition survey of the roof covering will provide the information upon which to make a judgement of the short, medium, and long term maintenance/replacement of the roof covering and the subsequent protection of the building fabric below.


If a pitched roofing related dispute goes to court there will be a need for reports, proofs of evidence, and perhaps evidence given in an open court before a judge. The evidence of the expert witness must be both neutral and knowledgeable in the subject of the dispute.

We can undertake the service of acting as an expert witness for the slated or tiled technical element of a legal case, working with the Solicitors and Barristers for either an individual client or - if the court decides - for both the Claimant and the Defendant.


Often having undertaken the Failure Investigation, or a Condition Survey, the repair or replacement of the roof covering will be needed. To allow the roofing work to be undertaken the Roofing Contractor will need information in the form of a specification that provides a clear description of all work and materials to facilitate the preparation of a competitive price.

We can undertake the preparation of a specification in clear and concise terms for you.


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