The Tiled Roofing Consultancy Ltd
recommends these links for further information:

Ardelis LLC Manufacturers of SlateSpacers and other products

Bové Draadproducten BV Specialized fastening materials for roof constructions and maintenance

Building Regulations Communities and local government department web site

Cembrit Ltd Fibre, cement and natural slate suppliers

The Institute of Roofing ( IoR) The roofing industry professional institute

Klober Roofing accessory manufacturer

Marley Eternit Clay, concrete, fibre cement and resin slate manufacturers

Manthorpe Building Products Roofing accessory manufacturer

Redland Monier Roofing Clay, concrete, natural and resin slate manufacturers

Roofconsult Roofing Information site

Roofinfo Roofing services directory

Roofing Cladding & Insulation Magazine (RCI) A roofing magazine

Sandtoft Roof Tiles Clay, concrete and resin slate manufacturer

The Clay Roof Tile Council (CRTC)
Clay roof tile manufacturers trade association

The Concrete Tile Manufacturer’s Association (CTMA)
Concrete tile manufacturer’s trade association