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Many manufacturers are very good at manufacturing products in a particular material. Many manufacturers have good designers who are expert in the design of components made from particular materials.

Often manufacturers need the input of experts who understand the regulations and standards that need to be complied with and the needs of the end users. We can assist roofing component manufacturers to develop their products to the advantage of all parties.

We can provide opinion on the possible problems that need to be addressed, undertake product trials and arrange for laboratory testing, where it is appropriate.


Many specifiers and designers will need to integrate roofing details into their construction drawings. Often manufacturers are very happy to provide typical and common details, but are more reluctant to help with specific detailing problems where various elements meet at or about the roof covering.

We can assist by either checking and modifying existing CAD drawings, or to explain the arrangement of components to allow the designer to undertake the drawing themselves. For manufacturers who want to provide their customers with CAD details we can undertake the drawn details on behalf of the manufacturer.


There are occasions when a slated or tiled roof is either constructed incorrectly, is constructed with defective materials, constructed to a design that is unproven, or a combination of all three. The result is a roof that leaks, is noisy, or is falling apart. Often an Independent investigation is needed to determine the exact cause or causes.

We can undertake the investigations and make recommendations to rectify the problems found.


However well Regulations, Standards, Fixing instructions or Literature are written there will always be a need for face to face explanation and demonstration.

We can prepare Pitched Roofing related CPD PowerPoint presentations for manufacturer’s sales force.

We also undertake training to students on the theory and practice of Pitched Roofing, or the practical demonstration of the installation of pitched roofing components and systems, for training groups or manufacturers.

We can provide opinion on the possible problems that need to be addressed, undertake product trials and arrange for laboratory testing, where it is appropriate.


Once a roofing product has been designed, tested, tooling produced, and products made, the pitched roofing product needs to be launched onto the market. As part of that launch there will be a need for fixing instructions, sales literature with technical information and drawings, to support the marketing and sales campaign.

We can work with the sales and marketing team by assisting with the collection of technical information, checking that all the technical information is correct and compliant with the relevant regulations and standards.


If you need a technically orientated magazine article written to explain the issues and technicalities of your pitched roofing products or services, Chris Thomas can help you. Chris has written over 100 technical articles explaining the intricacies of slates, tiles, flashings, condensation, fixings, and many other pitched roofing matters.


If a pitched roofing related dispute goes to court there will be a need for reports, proofs of evidence, and perhaps evidence given in an open court before a judge. The evidence of the expert witness must be both neutral and knowledgeable in the subject of the dispute.

We can undertake the service of acting as an expert witness for the slated or tiled technical element of a legal case, working with the Solicitors and Barristers for either an individual client or - if the court decides - for both the Claimant and the Defendant.


If you would like further information about our services or have any comments or questions please contact us directly or fill our our contact form.
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