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Often pitched roofing failures occur because a poor choice or combination of components has been made that could have been avoided at the design stage.

Sometimes the choice of components is bewildering and the decision is rightly or wrongly made on the basis of price, or appearance, rather than compatibility, or performance.

We can help by sifting through the choices and removing the unwise and impossible and explaining the resulting options in a way that assists the designer to make the best specification choice.

We can undertake the preparation of a specification in clear and concise terms for you.


Often having undertaken the Failure Investigation, or a Condition Survey, the repair or replacement of the roof covering will be needed. To allow the roofing work to be undertaken the Roofing Contractor will need information in the form of a specification that provides a clear description of all work and materials to facilitate the preparation of a competitive price.

We can undertake the preparation of a specification in clear and concise terms for you.


Many specifiers and designers will need to integrate roofing details into their construction drawings. Often manufacturers are very happy to provide typical and common details, but are more reluctant to help with specific detailing problems where various elements meet at or about the roof covering.

We can assist by either checking and modifying existing CAD drawings, or to explain the arrangement of components to allow the designer to undertake the drawing themselves. For manufacturers who want to provide their customers with CAD details we can undertake the drawn details on behalf of the manufacturer.


There are occasions when the roof has given good service and is beginning to look its age, and it is unclear if the roof is near the end of its life, or has many years of serviceable life left in it. Often there will be one or two elements, or materials that deteriorate quicker than the others, and with a few minor replacements the roof may be salvageable for many years to come. On the other hand there may be one fundamental component that needs urgent repairs that may make minor repairs uneconomical.

A full condition survey of the roof covering will provide the information upon which to make a judgement of the short, medium, and long term maintenance/replacement of the roof covering and the subsequent protection of the building fabric below.


There are occasions when a slated or tiled roof is either constructed incorrectly, is constructed with defective materials, constructed to a design that is unproven, or a combination of all three. The result is a roof that leaks, is noisy, or is falling apart. Often an Independent investigation is needed to determine the exact cause or causes.

We can undertake the investigations and make recommendations to rectify the problems found.


When a dispute reaches an impasse, each side tends to seek expert advice to support their point of view. Where the problem relates to a slated or tiled roof and the dispute is technical, rather than contractual, we can provide the technical support to ensure that you are not disadvantaged by incorrect information.

We are not arbitrators, but technical experts in pitched roof coverings.


The design of many Pitched Roofing related systems require calculations to be performed. This may be for Wind Uplift or Aircraft Wake Vortex fixing calculations, Water run off drainage calculations, Material quantity calculations, or double lap slate pitch and head lap calculations.


When all you have is a roof tile in your hand, and you need to know what fixing specification to write into a specification or quotation, The Tiled Roofing Consultancy can take that tile with site and building data supplied by you, and undertake the BS 5534 calculations needed to produce a nail or clip fixing specification.

This service is not intended for roof coverings where the manufacturer offers a free fixing specification service for their products. This is specifically for those roof coverings where the manufacturer does not have the facilities to provide a fixing specification service.

We can also undertake wind uplift fixing calculations for double lap slates, Plain tiles, and interlocking clay and concrete tiles, for any of the previous editions of BS 5534 back to 1978. All you need to do is print off the Site and building input data sheet, fill out all the facts and contact details for each building (more than one sheet will be required if the building is complicated) and send them to us along with a good sample of the tiles to obtain a fixing specification.


If during heavy rainfall, water overflows the guttering rather than going down the rain water pipes, the roof water flow can be analysed and calculations made to comply with BSEN 12056-3 to determine the cause of the problem, and provide recommendations to correct the situation. All we need is a good roof plan, the specification for the guttering used, and good photographs of each elevation, to help determine the arrangement of rain water pipes. It may be that we also need to visit site and investigate further if the calculations do not indicate a water flow problem.


There are occasions when it is easier to get somebody else to calculate the quantity of roofing materials that will be required for your slate or tile roofing project. This we can do for you from an accurate set of building plans and a copy of the specification.


If you would like further information about our services or have any comments or questions please contact us directly or fill our our contact form.
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